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Preventing overstimulation with peat oil

In my practice and in schools, I have visited I see many children who suffer from overstimulation: an overload of sensory impressions in the course of a day. I have seen kindergartners who come home from school tired; kindergartners who have stomach pain, who have headaches, and even some who are unwilling to go to school. Among babies, I see that they are having a problem “digesting” what they saw and heard in daycare, at family parties and reunions, and in grocery stores. These babies tend to cry a lot after a busy day.

For such children, silk can be helpful, but it is often not enough. In this case, I recommend peat oil. I estimate that about 1 in 3 or 1 in 4 children benefit from using this oil. How do you know if your child might benefit from peat oil? Talk with the child’s teacher! Does your child always look up when someone comes in the classroom? Is he clearly disturbed when he is drawing or playing and the other children are noisy? Then your child may well benefit from peat oil—and if not, the oil can do no harm.

With small children, it is important to only put peat oil on the arms and legs and never on the chest. Peat oil creates a helpful “buffer” between an overstimulated child and her environment. Therefore, if you put it on the child’s chest, the oil may actually have the undesirable effect of preventing the child from being open to and interacting positively with the world around her. I once heard someone say, “When I put the oil on my arms and legs, other people can’t suck the energy out of me”.

The best moment to apply the oil often is in the morning before dressing the child. You can put a small amount (a quarter-size droptlet) in the palm of your hand and rub it thinly over the entire surface of the legs and arms. You may be surprised at how effective it is at helping children create a healthy balance with an environment by which they previously felt overstimulated. I have prescribed this oil may times and parents have reported remarkably positive results.

The official name of peat oil is solum ulogunosum or solum aesculus body oil. It can be found in many natural stores. Online, it can be ordered among other places at (Please note: Uriel Pharmacy has no financial or other relationship with

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