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Early and extensive crying

In my article on Developing Good Sleeping Patterns for Young Babies, I cover the most common causes of colick and crying in babies. In this blog entry, I want to focus on that very small percentage of babies who cry even in the first two weeks of life, and who continue to cry for three or more hours per day thereafter. Though crying can of course have many causes, this particular type of early and extensive crying can be caused by imbalances in the neck or skull as a result of the trauma of the birthing process. Therefore, when mothers report this type of abnormal crying and I can identify no other plausible cause, I refer mothers to a licensed Doctor of Osteopathy (DO) with experience in manual (or cranial) osteopathic treatment of babies. The osteopath will examine the child and, if appropriate, treat the child with very soft, subtle manual techniques. I have seen a number of babies who have been helped dramatically and within a short period of time by these soft and subtle adjustments. I encourage you to look into this method for yourself or loved ones if the causes of early and extensive crying are not apparent.

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