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Parenting can be a joy

Dear Reader,

Flowering Child is a site designed to help you experience parenting as a joy. Parenting can be a tough job; it can be overwhelming. I know. I have three children myself, now ages 8, 5, and 2. And I see hundreds of mothers and children (and a few fathers too!) in my practice as a well-babycare physician.

However, it never ceases to amaze me that just a few strategies make the difference for most parents between a family life that seems under control and one that seems unmanageable. The key strategies are different for every family, since every family has different challenges. However, it’s often some combination of strategies relating to how to get children to bed, how to help them eat right (e.g. healthy food; hypoallergenic food), how to clothe children in ways that help them feel warm and protected, as well as things like self-care for mothers, boundary setting, and the use of oils and homeopathic medications.

Right now, Flowering Child sells natural organic wool and silk undergarments for children. Yet our mission is far more broad: we hope to support parents in their essential job, and we also hope to be a resource for others (such as friends and grandparents) who want to support parents with young children. I’m going to write this blog as frequently as I can with insights gleaned from my daily practice with mothers and children, and my husband, who has a PhD from Maastricht University and a Master’s degree (both in public health) from UC Berkeley, will chime in once in awhile with something for the dads in our lives.

Please stay tuned. And don’t miss the longer articles I have written and will continue to write at my articles and blog page.

Best regards,

Ester Delhoofen, MD

Founder and President